Open Source

I wrote my first program in BASIC in 1993 and have been coding non-stop since then. But I began to ask myself - What LEGACY can I offer to those who begin learning to program TODAY?.

This question brought me to conclusion that the state of Web App Devevlopment is in a mess and is absolutely terrible for beginners:

  • Education is focused on technologies, not skills
  • Programming is boring
  • Lack of coherent systems (remember Borland Pascal IDE?)
  • Teachers teach how they learned themselves 20 years ago.

(For clarifications, please read my Blog).

I can fix this!

My goal is to create a learning path for new students that would be most efficient way to learn how to develop Data-Driven Web Apps, APIs and Admin Systems. Someone who follow this path would become a very useful developer that can collaborate with Mobile Developers or Front-end Developers but also be able to quickly create internal web app for their employer requirements.

(For more on this, read my Blog).

To make this possible, not only education pattern but the software itself must change. My avoiding some technologies (like HTML) and reducing them to use of CSS and UI framework we can include many other topics that would be useful for those students.

As a result, after following 1 year course a non-programmer would be able to create app like this (source).

A carefully guided approach with a clear goal and application in life that is fun and interractive could be a time well spent!

Someone who have spent 1 year learning HTML and only created a crappy static homepage just to later learn about Weebly and Wordpress themes would certainly agree.

If you share my passion and see the same problem that I do, please get in touch and we might be venturing out in pursuit of this great ambition.

Agile Data

I have started Agile Data project to allow escape complexities of SQL language. Unlike ORM implementation that follow similar goal, I changed the concept to use modern situation where Database access has high latency. With Agile Data I have created a comprehensive and coherent solution which:

  • Use all features of SQL server without need to know SQL
  • Focus on query efficiency and improve web app response times
  • Design compatibility layer between SQL and NoSQL


Agile UI

Building on the foundation of Agile Data, I'm exploring a possibilty to have out-of-the-box user interface for your Domain Logic. In other words - if you have defined what Entities you use in your application, it should take no more than one line of code to create CRUD, Form or Table displaying your data.

  • Create standard Web UI framework in PHP
  • Use standard CSS framework and JS code
  • Offer a coherent system covering wide range of use-cases


Other Projects

I work on many other projects. For example, how insert Bar Chart into your Web Application using just few lines of code? What about if you need to Audit data change for enterprise compliancy?.

Making a coherent system means integrating it with various services, other software and frameworks. I collaborate with other developers and contributors on making integration between my open-source and more established apps like Wordpress.

Older projects