For the last 25 years I have been a passionate developer, admin and often took Interim CTO position in various start-ups, but my desire to learn and explore have always pushed me to the new heights.

Since Amazon AWS unveiled their EC2 service I have been following their progress very closely, using it where possible.

Summer 2014 Docker has released version 0.9 and I immediatelly fell in love with it. Soon the rest of the world did too.

Later same year, I've even released Dokku Alt Manager A web interface for managing docker containers on your webserver, however "Dokku-alt" project have been soon discontinued and I re-focused on Amazon AWS, RedHat Openshift and Heroku.


As a freelance DevOps consultant, I use my extensive knowledge in Infrastructure as a Code, cloud platforms, Docker containers and software release cycle to help with building up their infrastructure or perform migration. Here are some examples of what I might be helping with:

  • Migrate from Jenkins to Amazon AWS CodePipeline
  • Migrate from Ansible to CloudFormation
  • Dockerize your apps and implement ECS with load-based scaling
  • Implement GitFlow release cycle
  • Build your own Private Cloud using RedHat Openshift
  • Design internal API for your infrastructrue
  • Convert legacy applications to

My Approach

As your consultant, I'll be looking to make your infrastructrue:

  • Low-maintenance. Use of self-managed services to lower risks.
  • Code-based. Instead of setting things up manually, I script everything. Easy to see, update and change.
  • QA / Production focus. Integration with SSL and DNS managers.
  • Automated and easy to use.

I have a great understanding of budgets and financial constrains, data privacy and will offer just a right approach.

Call or contact me to discuss. If you have spoken with me on event or have been referred through contact, then I will meet you for a first consultation free of charge. Most of my projects take one to several months, so please do check with me on my availability.

Why contract me?

I believe that recommendations and results are more valuable than CV:

Romans is an extremely driven and dynamic individual. We have worked with him on very complex projects over the past 5 years and have always found him to have deep knowledge in the full range of IT skills from coding to server infrastructure and application security. We look forward to continuing to work with him for the next 5+ years.

  • Peter O'Mahony, CEO LinkedFinance
  • N.1 P2P Loan platform in Ireland.

I employed Romans as a systems administrator and he brought a level of competence and professionalism to the job that had previously been missing. Not to mention being available round the clock to support us on several emergencies. Romans really knows UNIX and I would not hesitate to employ him again in a similar capacity.

  • Rory Oliver, Director of Production Exposure
  • Major Digital Agency in London

Read more recommendations see my LinkedIn page

Public Speaking

I have appeared as a speaker in over a dozen conferences and events in 2015 including ConnectJS Atlanta (, Big Data TechCon Boston (, DotJS Paris ( and in several meetups in UK.