Homemade replacement for CodeKit

Since I have purchased CodeKit I have been having problems, where it occassionally hangs, consumes too much memory or crashes. I it only to compile JADE/PUG files, so I decided to create my own solution based on some open-source utilities.

I appreciate all the advanced features of CodeKit, but if you are looking for just a lightweight solution to compile your files instantly, then my script will work for you:



Make sure you have homebrew installed. In the terminal:

mkdir ~/bin/
wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/romaninsh/e6c783ec916ae176f55e3ee6b5e43b73/raw/5d39c8b7f3806bf2ae8b4f4e19bf5834367be93c/pugwatch > ~/bin/pugwatch
chmod +x ~/bin/pugwatch

Next, in the terminal go to your project folder (or just home folder) and run pugwatch

cd ~/Sites/


I wanted script to be super ligthweigth so that you can open it up and tweak as you want. Here are some of the features:

  • Watches unlimited number of files easily
  • Tested on a Mac only, might need tweaking for Linux
  • Compilation errors will be shown in the terminal
  • Each compile will display Notification message
  • Make sound on error

Script is in public domain, and you are welcome to improve or re-use this script.