The price of an Open-Source project

Published by @romaninsh on 3 Feb 2017

I've been releasing open-source software for 10 years now and the code quality between some of my early releases and the latest releases are miles apart. With my new DSQL project I've managed to tick all the boxes in terms code quality, stability, documentation and performance.

But regardless of how much my project is, I still have adoption obstacle - "price of adoption".

In this post I wanted to share some of my past experiences to those who might be building something similar.

Homemade replacement for CodeKit

Published by @romaninsh on 22 Dec 2016

Since I have purchased CodeKit I have been having problems, where it occassionally hangs, consumes too much memory or crashes. I it only to compile JADE/PUG files, so I decided to create my own solution based on some open-source utilities.

Untangling Spaghetti Code

Published by @romaninsh on 30 Jun 2016

A few months ago my oldest web application was replaced after it was in daily use over 15 years unchanged. An extreme case, no doubt.

Most web apps, if not looked after properly, may gradually become more and more difficult to maintain. This gradual erosion slowly changes your application into a bowl of spaghetti code.

What causes deterioration? How to prolong the life of your code? How to make it more maintainable? In this article, I'm sharing some of my findings and future plans that may give you a great solution for the problem.