About Me

I'm Romans Malinovskis – a Latvian-born, 36 year old Web Developer & Software Architect living in London.

In 2003, I designed and built my own web framework - Agile Toolkit. Two years after that, I started a company that develops web apps using this framework. Since then, I continued refining the framework including four major rewrites until finally publicly releasing it in 2013.

Using the feedback from the initial 30,000+ users that downloaded the platform, I began working on creating the support architecture around the framework itself - hosting platform, educational program and enterprise support services.

In 2015, I formed a team and we began developing an education program that would give the essentials of web development over a ten week course. This program is now being launched at several Universities and Institutes in India in 2016, the goal to reach over 2,000 students in the first year in that country.

And in 2016, we hope to make further alliances to launch ATK School in cities in Europe and North America.

For the coming year, growth with ATK will focus on additional key partnerships to accelerate the ATK developer group with enterprises and start-ups.

Hobbies and Travel

It's quite difficult for me to take time from my lifetime passion. My escape is cycling through Hertfordshire or simply visiting new places.

Have an interesting idea or need my advice? Get in touch.