About Me

I'm Romans Malinovskis - lead web software dev, interim CTO and DevOps (https://nearly.guru/cv)


In 2003, I designed and built my own web framework - Agile Toolkit. Two years after that, I started a company that develops web apps using this framework. Since then, I continued refining the framework including four major rewrites until finally publicly releasing it in 2013.

Using the feedback from the initial 30,000+ users that downloaded the platform, I began working on creating the support architecture around the framework itself - hosting platform, educational program and enterprise support services.

Software Development Education

I have recorded many screencasts and on-line learning materials. Check it out at https://agiletoolkit.org/school

DevOps and Consulting

Last several years I have been taking more DevOps contracts, but I still do enjoy occassional Web App development project.


It's quite difficult for me to take time from my lifetime passion. My escape is cycling through Hertfordshire or simply visiting new places.

Have an interesting idea or need my advice? Get in touch.