Public Speaking

I have appeared as a speaker in over a dozen conferences and events in 2015 including ConnectJS Atlanta (, Big Data TechCon Boston (, DotJS Paris (, sponsor track) and in UK (Hertfordshire)

If you would like for me to talk at your conference or event, please get in touch.

Love and hate relationship between ORMs and Query Builders

While some developers prefer writing their own SQL queries, others prefer to abstract the database with Object Relational Mappers. Can we have a middle ground that incorporates the benefits of both without any compromises?

Starting with the pros & cons, the presentation will look at the love/hate relationship that developers have with of ORM/QueryBuilders. This will lead into my vision for "DataSet" and "Action’s"; two of my new concepts on how to design a perfect Database Abstraction.

The presentation will finish with few practical use-cases and a short demo of "Agile Data" ( - my open-source implementation of the concept.

(30 minutes slides with a demo)

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Agile Toolkit - A most popular PHP UI Framework you never heard of

We often talk about consistent UI and how it is important in our web apps, but our software frameworks rarely help us in keeping our UI consistent. Object Oriented UI which is so familiar to desktop and mobile developers could be a solution for our Web Apps.

Back in 2011 Romans have open-sourced his private project - Aglie Toolkit. It became the #1 PHP UI Framework in a short time. Today Romans is working on a modernisation rewrite for Agile Toolkit with some OSS enthusiasts.

The presentation will introduce the major differences between traditional Web Frameworks and UI framework and show how both can work together. During the 15-minute demonstration we will build a basic CRM application from scratch.

(30 minutes slides with a demo)