Open Source

My first contribution dates back to 2000 and I have been author and contributor of hundreds of thousands lines of open-source code, mainly in PHP.

While my biggest contribution has been Agile Toolkit 4.3 (MIT License) in 2015, previously it was available under AGPL/LGPG licenses through versions 2.0 to 4.2. Additionally I contributed to many other projects listed below.

Maintainer or Major contributor

  • Agile Toolkit - PHP UI Framework.
  • Dokku-alt-manager - Web UI for your personal PaaS.
  • Colubris - Web Team collaboration software.
  • Humming-mail - Virtual postfix mailbox manager (obsolete).
  • docker-wordpress - Docker container for practical Wordpress deployment.
  • docker-mantis - Docker container for practical Mantis deployment.

Projects around Agile Toolkit

  • sink - Collection of ATK Examples
  • jobbet-atk - One-month tutorial for Agile Toolkit
  • queue - Simple Queue implementation in Agile Toolkit
  • ga - Google Analytics code for your Agile Toolkit project
  • atk dokku_alt - Agile Toolkit Models for accessing Dokku-alt
  • smtp checker - A simple Web App to test your SMTP server
  • atk opauth - Integration between ATK and
  • validator - (integrated) Rule-based validator for ATK.
  • S3 Uploader - ATK integration for S3 file uploads.
  • filestore - (integrated) Upload manager for local file storage.
  • atk4-addons - Collection of miscellaneous add-ons for ATK.
  • testsuite - Test-suite for ATK projects and add-ons.


  • dokku-alt - For of dokku, your personal PaaS.
  • agile-css - Component CSS Framework for Web UI Developers.